AEW Forbidden Door 2024 Results, Winners And Grades As Swerve Retains (2024)

AEW Forbidden Door 2024 advertised a 16-match event, 10 of which were broadcast on pay-per-view, as Toni Storm defended the AEW Women’s World Championship against Mina Shirakawa and Swerve Strickland defended the AEW World Championship against AEW International champion Will Ospreay.

Last week’s broadcast of AEW Dynamite bounced back somewhat with 680,000 viewers following a disastrous Juneteenth rating of 502,000 viewers.

AEW Forbidden Door Results | June 30, 2024

  • MJF def. Hechicero
  • The Elite def. The Acclaimed and Hiroshi Tanahashi
  • Bryan Danielson vs. Shingo Takagi | Owen Hart Cup, First Round
  • Toni Storm def. Mina Shirakawa | AEW Women’s World Championship
  • Zack Sabre Jr. def. Orange Cassidy
  • Samoa Joe, Hook and Katsuyori Shibata def. Chris Jericho, Big Bill and Bryan Keith
  • Jack Perry wins TNT Title Ladder Match
  • Mercedes Mone def. Stephanie Vaquer | TNT Title vs. NJPW Strong Women’s Title
  • Tetsuya Naito def. Jon Moxley | IWGP World Championship
  • Swerve Strickland def. Will Ospreay | AEW World Championship

AEW Forbidden Door 2024 Ticket Sales

  • AEW Forbidden Door 2024 Venue: UBS Arena (Long Island, N.Y.)
  • AEW Forbidden Door 2024 Tickets Distributed: 10,184
  • AEW Forbidden Door 2024 Tickets Available: 1,711

AEW Forbidden Door 2024 Winners And Grades

MJF Def. Hechicero


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Fans were over-the-moon for hometown favorite MJF, and Hechicero leaned into being the heel.

MJF may have set the record for most stolen gimmicks in the first 30 seconds of a match. MJF paid homage to Randy Savage among other Hall of Famers.

There was an awesome spot where Hechicero popped MJF in to the air and caught him in a cross armbreaker.

Just as this match kicked into high gear, MJF won with a brainbuster. MJF was selling his arm after the match and the injury seemed like it may have been legit. This would be a huge blow to AEW if it was.

MJF vs. Hechicero Grade: B-

The Elite Def. The Acclaimed And Hiroshi Tanahashi

Fans, who still do not want to boo Kazuchika Okada, loudly chanted “Okada” during his entrance.

Max Caster’s freestyle went well past his usual eight bars, and was especially crude as Caster said “b—h” several times.

Fans chanted “holy s—t as Kazuchika Okada and Hiroshi Tanahashi went face-to-face. Like the heel he’s supposed to be, Okada tagged out.

As The Young Bucks mocked The Acclaimed by wearing Caster’s headphones, fans chanted “F The Young Bucks” as well as “CM Punk.” There were also chants of “F CM Punk.”

After a wild sequence of one big move after another, when the dust cleared, Tanahashi went for a Frog Splash on Okada, and landed right on Okada’s knees. After a flying elbow, instead of doing his signature Rainmaker pose, Okada whipped out a middle finger for the UBS Arena.

Okada won the match for The Elite with a Rainmaker on his old foe Tanahashi.

The Elite vs. The Acclaimed and Hiroshi Tanahashi Grade: B+

Bryan Danielson Def. Shingo Takagi

The story of this match was Bryan Danielson’s neck injury, which caused numbness throughout his body. Taz shared that he has similar neck issues that require him to get help buttoning his shirt. After that astute analysis, Taz then took one step back by joking that Danielson should fight Takagi in catering. Given the serious nature of Danielson’s (kayfabe) injury, this was not the time for a joke.

Danielson continued to sell his injury after a back superplex from the top rope. Staying true to form, Nigel McGuinness continued to chastise Bryan for making such a reckless choice.

Fans chanted “no” as Takagi mockingly performed “yes” chants.

Surprisingly, Danielson kicked out of a Pumping Bomber followed by a Made in Japan. “At what point will somebody save Bryan Danielson from himself?” said McGuinness.

McGuinness pleaded with referee Aubrey Edwards to stop the match as Takagi rained down a series of elbows on Danielson. Danielson ultimately countered with an armbar.

After a spirited comeback, it was Takagi’s turn to kick out of Bryan’s finisher (the Busaiko Knee). Danielson came back with a modified armbar and Edwards called for the bell despite Takagi not tapping out.

Bryan Danielson vs. Shingo Takagi Grade: A

Toni Storm Def. Mina Shirakawa

Toni Storm had a New York-themed superstar entrance as she came out to “America the Beautiful” dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

Mariah May presented both the challenger and champion with flowers, as is tradition in championship matches in Japan. May then had to choose whose corner she would be in, and she was torn.

Fans went back and forth with chants of “we want Mina/Toni Storm!”

Toni Storm seemed to be in the babyface position as Mina was working over Storm’s leg.

A concerned Mariah May watched from a chair as the neutral party. For now.

Storm battled back and beat Mina Shirakawa clean with a Storm Driver. Mariah was conflicted as to whether she should cheer or not. May reluctantly congratulated Storm, but also sadly looked on as Shirakawa struggled to her feet.

In the end, Mina and Toni hugged it out to a huge pop. They followed it up with a triple kiss. This is the only story AEW is telling properly.

Mina Shirakawa vs. Toni Storm Grade: A-

Zack Sabre Jr. Def. Orange Cassidy

Toni vs. Mina was a story of mutual friend Mariah May being conflicted as to whom she wanted to win. Orange Cassidy vs. Zack Sabre Jr. was a story of Orange Cassidy wanting to pin Zack Sabre Jr. with his hands in his pockets. It should come as no surprise when I say Toni and Mina’s match had more heat.

Orange Cassidy zeroed in on Sabre Jr.’s injured left knee. Cassidy went for multiple pins on Cassidy with his hands in his pockets, but was unable to pull off the feat.

The match peaked when Zack Sabre Jr. twisted Orange Cassidy into a pretzel with all of Cassidy’s limbs tied up. The announcers didn’t even know what to call it outside of “a masterpiece of a submission.”

Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Orange Cassidy Grade: B

Samoa Joe, Hook And Katsuyori Shibata Def. Chris Jericho, Big Bill And Jeff Cobb

Fans booed Chris Jericho vociferously and chanted “please retire.” Jericho responded with a quick pre-match promo, saying he’s from Long Island (Jericho grew up in Manhasset).

There was a highly impressive standing moonsault from Jeff Cobb that got one of the biggest reactions of the match outside of Jericho’s heel work.

Jericho annihilated Hook with a Codebreaker, prompting Taz to scream “kick out!” Nigel called out Taz for being biased, and Taz checked Nigel for that same biased behavior during Danielson matches.

Hook won the match by beating Chris Jericho with the Judas Effect.

The Learning Tree vs. Hook, Katsuyori Shibata and Samoa Joe Grade: B

Jack Perry Wins TNT Title Ladder Match

Jack Perry walked out in a literal goat mask to play up his “Scapegoat” persona.

Early on in the match, the field (Dante Martin, Mark Briscoe, Lio Rush, El Phantasmo sans Jack Perry) ganged up on Konosuke Takesh*ta.

After three ladders were introduced into the match and thrown at one another simultaneously, Jack Perry introduced the first big, Black ladder of the match.

In a scary but impressive spot, Takesh*ta hit a brainbuster on Dante Martin, directly on a ladder.

After climbing a ladder bridge, El Phantasmo hit Perry with a nipple twister.

In an inevitable callback to his horrific injury last year, Dante Martin suffered a kayfabe leg injury after falling from a ladder.

Edge had to forfeit the TNT Title after jumping from a a cage & missing the table. Briscoe may have suffered a similar legit injury after diving from a ladder and missing the table. As poetic as that sounds, this was not good storytelling, it was another scary, dangerous spot in an AEW plunder match.

Fans were hot for heel Takesh*ta to grab the TNT Title, but he was stopped by babyface Mark Briscoe, and the crowd almost immediately went silent.

After wiping out Briscoe with a ladder, Jack Perry grabbed the TNT Championship.

TNT Title Ladder Match Grade: B-

Mercedes Mone Def. Stephanie Vaquer, Britt Baker Returns

Because this was Title for Title, the AEW referee announced this would be competed under AEW rules, which means no 20-count. Vaquer Got the jump on Mone with a headbutt before the bell even rang.

After early “CEO” chants, fans showed signs of fatigue as Mone vs. Vaquer had trouble following a wild ladder match.

Mone was lightly booed for doing the Eddie Guerrero suplexes.

Fans came alive for Vaquer’s scissor stomps on Mone. As the match progressed, fans chanted “Stephanie!”

Fans started chanting “F the Celtics!” as it became apparent why fans were salty toward Mercedes Mone.

After Mercedes made Vaquer tap out to a raucous response, fans went crazy for the long-awaited return of Britt Baker, who was in tremendous shape.

AEW announced a Forbidden Door-style WrestleDynasty in the Tokyo Dome for January 2025.

Mercedes Mone vs. Stephanie Vaquer Grade: B+

Tetsuya Naito Def. Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley walked out to his NJPW theme (“Death Rider”), rather than “Wild Thing.”

Jim Ross appeared on commentary for the final two matches.

Fans chanted “Red Shoes” at the legendary NJPW referee to start the match.

Naito bludgeoned Jon Moxley with what looked like a thunder stick and Jim Ross lost his mind over it.

There was a controversial moment as Red Shoes slow-counted Jon Moxley. Fans turned on Red Shoes. Fans actually came back around to Red Shoes after the referee absconded a steel chair from Moxley. Remember, NJPW titles can change hands via DQ.

Naito beat Moxley with a Destino as there is now one heavyweight champion in AEW and rightfully so.

Jon Moxley vs. Tetsuya Naito Grade: B-

Swerve Strickland Def. Will Ospreay

Jim Jones of Dipset introduced Swerve Strickland. While Will Ospreay got a great reaction, fans seemed to be leaning toward Swerve.

There was a great stalemate exchange early in the match as the crowd was super hot for the main event.

The stalemating continued, but this time with one combatant getting the upper hand shortly after another. This ended when Strickland hit a Styles Clash for a nearfall.

AEW awkwardly showed Daniel Garcia in the stands in a display of truly mediocre camera work. Even the announcers couldn’t confirm if it was Garcia until the camera doubled back to him.

Swerve hit a nasty-looking Swerve Stomp on Ospreay on the table, and the table did not budge.

Despite an Oscutter and a Stormbreaker, Swerve still kicked out. Ospreay’s vow to never use the Tiger Driver ‘91 held up for now. AEW then cut to MJF backstage to a huge pop.

After soem thought, Ospreay went for the Tiger Driver and Swerve countered. Swerve then nailed Ospreay with a Hidden Blade.

After a ref bump, via Ospreay’s Hidden Blade, Ospreay hit a Hidden Blade on Swerve for visual pinfall.

Don Callis tried to supply Ospreay with a screwdriver. Ospreay was conflicted, but Prince Nana wasn’t having it. An incensed Ospreay teased using the screwdriver on Nana, but decided against it. He then walked into a Swerve House Call followed by a Swerve Stomp. Nearfall.

Swerve hit a second House Call for a nearfall as the UBS Arena melted down. After a third House Call, followed by a Made in Japan, Swerve finally won. Awesome match.

Swerve Strickland vs. Will Ospreay Grade: A+

AEW Forbidden Door 2024 Results, Winners And Grades As Swerve Retains (2024)
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