Armagh vs Down: Kieran McGeeney’s men edge through to Ulster final (2024)

Armagh take on Down in the first Ulster semi-final with Tyrone and Donegal waiting on the other side of the draw.

The game throws in at 5.15pm and you can follow all the action in our live blog.


Armagh vs Down: Kieran McGeeney’s men edge through to Ulster final (1)






Armagh vs Down: Kieran McGeeney’s men edge through to Ulster final (2)


Dylan O'Connell

That's all we have time for this evening. It was a joy to bring that thrilling game to you all. Kieran McGeeney's Armagh march on to the Ulster Final in a fortnight's time. We will leave you with a glimpse of that match-winning point from Jason Duffy who punched the Orchard County's ticket to the final where they will meet the winner of Donegal vs Tyrone.

Dylan O'Connell

"A small bit of composure and experience at that higher level, to keep the ball and find the right shot at the right moment might have been the difference," added a dejected Conor Laverty at full-time. The Down manager said it was a tough loss to take but he remained incredibly proud of his side who gave it their all this afternoon.

Dylan O'Connell

"Keep doing what we're doing and not get frustrated. Trust in what we're doing, know we have quality to come off the bench, and not to panic and take wild shots at goal," added Rory Grugan in his post-game interview. The mantra was simple for Armagh, who held their nerve to find the match-winning score through Jason Duffy.

"They showed great patience, they probed and worked the ball from one side to the other. They've been in this scenario time and time before," said ex-Armagh defender Aaron Kiernan. The Crossmaglen man believed Armagh's experience helped them navigate the final minutes of that game when it was in the melting pot.

Dylan O'Connell

It will count for seldom little now, but Danny Magill's goal really gave Down belief early in that second-half. Armagh showed remarkable mettle to remain calm and chip away at the Mournemen's lead.

Dylan O'Connell

Its Tailteann Cup football for the Mourne Men. They battled to the bitter end but it wasn't enough. Jason Duffy's point in the 73rd minute of added time proved to be the difference between these rivals. Armagh and Kieran McGeeney advance to the Ulster Senior Football Championship Final.

Rian O'Neill has picked up the Player of the Match accolade with a personal tally of 0-3 this afternoon!

Dylan O'Connell

Oisin Lavin has the ball in his grasp by the sideline. The outside-of-the-boot effort sails miserably wide. Its all over in Clones as Armagh survive! Down will be heartbroken to come up agonisingly short of causing an enormous upset.

Dylan O'Connell

Hold on... the free out has been reversed as Liam Devanney discusses with his linesman Sean Hurson and its is a free in to Down to put it to extra time.

Dylan O'Connell

Ryan Johnston is hunted down by Andrew Murnin. Is that the chance gone for Down!? Armagh have won a crucial free out inside their own '45 line.

Dylan O'Connell

Armagh continue to work the ball from one sideline to the other. Ciaran Mackin goes long and the ball is popped off eventually to Jason Duffy who swings the ball between the posts from 35 metres. Armagh lead!

Dylan O'Connell

Now the Orchard County look to create the match-winning score. Blaine Hughes joins the Armagh attack leaving his goalmouth unguarded, but all 30 players are in the Down half of the field. The tension is palpable in Clones!

Dylan O'Connell

Pierce Laverty takes the mark but the half-back balloons his effort into the terraces. We will have 4 additional minutes as Armagh look to attack the Down goal after retrieving their own kickout.

Dylan O'Connell

Down look to build from the back with one eye on the clock. The Mournemen appear content to circulate the ball from one sideline to the other in order to work the prime shooting chance.

Dylan O'Connell

A massive score from Aidan Nugent! The sides are level once again. Peter McGrane launched the attack from inside his own half with a superb interception in defence.

Dylan O'Connell

The Down corner-forward sees yellow for a big hit in the last play on Aaron McCabe.

Dylan O'Connell

Its a disappointing end to the afternoon for O'Hagan, who after being subbed on earlier in the half, has to withdraw through injury.

Dylan O'Connell

Kieran McGeeney makes an alteration at corner-forward.

Dylan O'Connell

John O'Hare fires a long ball into the Armagh square but it's picked off by Blaine Hughes and Paddy Burns. Armagh will look to draw level with this subsequent attack.

Dylan O'Connell

The Armagh substitute collects a fine mark and slots over the resulting point as Armagh cut the gap to a solitary score.

Dylan O'Connell

Daniel Guinness evades the challenges and sets his sights on the posts, but the effort sails wide and Down's wide count mounts to 5 in total.

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Armagh vs Down: Kieran McGeeney’s men edge through to Ulster final (2024)
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