Crispy Rice With Shrimp, Bacon and Corn Recipe (2024)

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Cook bacon first and cook shrimp in bacon fat. Add jalapeños and garlic. Garnish with parsley, like zest, and a big hit of like juice for added flavor!Nice texture, flavor (especially with the additions) and a super easy dinner- it truly comes together in 20 mins.


Agree with several other reviews that this dish is great, it just needs to be amped up a bit (IMO). I make it with the following amendments: - In addition to s/p, I also add a little cayenne to the shrimp- Cook the bacon first, and then cook the shrimp in the bacon fat.- I sauté one chopped jalapeño with the scallions and corn- When assembling, I add chopped cilantro and a healthy squeeze of lime to brighten everything up. I also sometimes at a dash of sriracha sauce for additional heat

lou ann

This was good in concept, but bland. I gave it a good shot of Worcestershire sauce and Crystal hot sauce, but still a little weak. It’s redeemable, but needs herbs (basil, parsley, cilantro) or maybe a very flavorful salsa to bring it to life. I subbed in diced zucchini for half the corn because that’s what I had from my garden. The whole dish could be made sans shrimp and topped with grilled chicken, scallops or shrimp.

SH in SM

If you're using the cast iron and not getting the crisping of the rice, try using rice that is at least one day old. The time in the fridge helps dry out the rice. It's also a good rule for making fried rice so you get the nice separated grains instead of starchy blobs.


I don't know where you live, but wild caught US shrimp may be available there. I live in SC and it's shrimping season! Like crab meat, I always by local or from N. Carolina.


This recipe has all the attraction of tahdig, but none of the wow of its complex flavors, I thought. Decided to sautee a small red onion (instead of scallion) and generous minced garlic in butter/oil until caramelized, then added the corn to the mix, then mixed in the rice. Added salt, pepper, red pepper flakes. Chopped equal amounts snow peas and tomatoes for a layer of veggies between layers of rice-corn. Finished it off with a sprinkle of shredded Parmesan. Delish.


Cook diced pancetta until crisp, set asideCook shrimp in 1 tbsp pancetta fat, set asideAdd more fat, add diced shallot and sautee until caramelized, add scallion and 1 clove minced garlic, cook until scallion just wilted, add corn (2 cups thawed) and allow to roast then add rice.Follow the rest of the instructions, chop crisp pancetta into small dice for garnish, add dabs of srirracha


I used half the rice called for and less corn, too. Added one zucchini and one yellow squash for more veggies. Found out that I could use a mandolin slicer to cut the kernels off the corn cob. Agree that cooking the bacon first and then cooking shrimp in bacon fat is a good idea. My husband is a big fan of this recipe so I have made it twice!


Buy wonderfully flavorful gulf shrimp. Using any other, you may as well save your money and use tofu.


Really enjoyed this topped off with a good handful of chopped fresh basil, along with the scallion greens. It’s so simple that the corn and tomatoes need to be very fresh, high quality, and in season. Great summer dish.

Pat Brownlie

This was good, but too much rice. Lost the taste of the corn in all of that rice. Next time I will probably cut the rice in half. Also felt it was a little bland so will add some Thai chili sauce or fish sauce or soy sauce.


Based on others’ suggestions, cooked shrimp in bacon fat. Then added onion, garlic, jalapeño, red pepper, cumin and coriander. Finished it w lime juice and cilantro. After all the tweaks it was delish!


I'd like to try using quinoa or barley or another grain instead of rice. Ideas about that? Also, I think I'll try this recipe with a sustainable fish cut into cubes in place of the shrimp. I've read that more than 90 percent of the shrimp sold in this country are farmed in China and elsewhere in Asia and may be contaminated with antibiotics, pesticides and chemicals. Too bad, since so many of us like shrimp.


I used pancetta for the bacon, and seasoned the shrimp with a little hot paprika before cooking. Great flavor!


Sauté shrimp in bacon greaseShallots and jalapeñoIf you want more veggies add chopped zucchiniThen corn and scallions with a little red pepper flakesFlip rice over after it crisps and get the the other side a bit crispy

Patrick B

Can you use frozen corn?


cooked in bacon fat, added jalapeno and some spicy salsa as others have mentioned - delicious!


Made this tonight. Definitey fry the bacon first. I used an extra slice, but still needed to add a squirt of oil to keep things moving. My skillet is brand new which could also be the issue. I also added a nice smokey soy sauce to enhance the flavor.


Prefer with pancetta rather than bacon, as the flavor was less strong. Added serrano - was over powering, try jalapeno next time.

David Weinberg

I used brown rice; takes more time but very good. Also, used frozen peas because didn't have corn. Excellent.


Very good! Add any vegetables you like.


My husband must be on a low carb diet and cannot have rice. We often use cauliflower rice. Would it work in this recipe?


What can I substitute for tomatoes? Tired of using red peppers instead of tomatoes. Can have tomatoes due to kidney failure. Any recommendations? Thanks!


It might be a good beginning, but as others have said, it's bland. I squeezed lemon juice over the shrimp, but it still needs more. I used arborio rice and it did not hold together. I agree the tomatoes should be blistered. It definitely needs some flavor building. Next time look to Bobby Flay's Crispy Rice with Spinach and Lemon from Sundays with Sophie. Better technique, tons more flavor. I'll use the corn, shrimp, bacon and tomatoes but it needs punched up, a lot.


Add jalapeños and lime and garlic

Marlene S

Added a 14.5 oz can of Trader Joe’s diced fire roasted tomatoes with green chiles which gently brought up the heat and added so much to this dish. Followed other suggestions of sautéing diced pancetta first ,set aside and sauté shrimp in the pancetta fat . Very tasty dish and will definitely make this again.

Neil F

Like everyone else, I found this to be fairly bland. I added some Old Bay-style seasoning at the table which helped a little, but I’d definitely take the advice in other comments and use your improvisation skills to jazz the dish up.


After reading other notes, I decided to sauté the shrimp in olive oil with salt and pepper and red pepper flakes before cooking bacon. For 3/4 lb. shrimp, I used 2 cups of fresh corn, scallions and the 2 cups of leftover rice I had on hand. I also put the shrimp and tomatoes on the corn and rice to warm through before serving with some lemon juice and chopped basil. It was not bland at all and we liked the flavors. Thought about adding cumin and coriander but liked the fresh flavor without them

Elisabeth K

I added about 1/2 lb fresh spinach with the rice and cooked just until wilted. Delicious.

Cathi B

This is a come-together-quick weeknight meal that has amazing flavor. Carmelized corn, crispy rice, a little bacon fat and the tomato for brightness. This is one of my go-to's in a pinch as I always have frozen rice and shrimp. My additions are a bit of lemon and zest to the shrimp and I use frozen corn to make it come together really fast. A nice, fresh green salad(The tomatos and bacon are already out!!) goes great with this. Summer in a bowl really!

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Crispy Rice With Shrimp, Bacon and Corn Recipe (2024)
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