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Learn how to take both short rests and long rests in Baldur’s Gate 3 so your party is always refreshed and ready to go. Understanding how resting works is crucial in BG3, as it's important to know the benefits of each resting method, especially when preparing for combat, to ensure your making the most out of their benefits, which include healing and restoring your spell resources.

This guide will detail everything you need to know about performing Short Rests, Long Rests, and Partial Rests, including the benefits of each.

How to Rest in Baldur’s Gate 3

To access the resting options, click on the campfire icon at the bottom right of your screen. Three options will pop up:


  • Short Rest
  • Long Rest (including Partial Rest)
  • Go to Camp

Short Rest

Selecting Short Rest will restore 50% of your hit points for each party member and refresh any actions that have a cooldown per short rest. If you have a Warlock in your party, they will also restore their spell slots.

It is helpful to take short rests in between combat or when many of your party members are low on hit points. You are able to take a short rest twice per day. Taking a Long Rest will reset your available Short Rests back to the maximum of two.

Short Rest Benefits for Each Class

Here are all the actions and spell slots that each class will restore during a short rest:

ClassShort Rest Benefit
BardBardic Inspiration
ClericChannel Divinity charges
DruidWild Shape (refresh up to two per short rest)
FighterSecond Wind and Action Surge (all Fighters)Superiority Die (Battle Master subclass only)
MonkKi Points
PaladinChannel Oath charges
SorcererTides of Chaos (Wild Magic subclass only)
WarlockWarlock spell slots

Long Rest

Selecting Long Rest will send you back to your camp to end the day. You can complete tasks in camp, such as speaking with companions, changing your party, or respeccing your class.


Consequences of Long Rests

Larian has confirmed with IGN that the time in which you decide to take Long Rests can have an impact on the story and events in the game. For example, if you were to enter a town and see an inn on fire, and you immediately decide to take a Long Rest, this can potentially have an impact.

As such, some Quests and events in Baldur's Gate 3 have time-sensitive elements. Taking several Long Rests during these quests will impact the outcome, which can include failing objectives or creating other consequences in the world.

Long Rests require 40 camp supplies to fully restore your hit points and spell slots. You can see how many total camp supplies are in your party when you hover over the 'Long Rest' button.

When you arrive at camp, you'll be able to chat with your companions before the day ends. Once you are ready to rest, select Go to Bed by clicking on either the campfire or the bedrolls.

If there is a companion or follower who still wants to speak with you in camp, a prompt will appear asking if you still want to go to bed. You can choose to delay going to bed and find them in camp. They will have an exclamation point above their head.

Finally, you will be prompted to select your 40 camp supplies to spend in order to take a Long Rest. You may choose these camp supplies manually or choose Auto-Select for the game to choose for you.

Once you select Full Rest, you'll be sent to a rest cutscene. Sometimes there will be additional cutscenes that follow, depending on your choices in the game and story beats along the way. You might even find your guardian as you rest!


Partial Rest

Instead of taking a full rest with 40 camp supplies, you may choose to take a Partial Rest to restore half of your hit points and spell slots. This will still end the day, but you will not regain any Short Rests.

You would likely opt to take a partial rest if you do not have enough camp supplies or if you are looking to advance the days and do not need to restore your resources.

Go to Camp

Selecting Go to Camp will send you back to your camp, where you may store or retrieve items from your Traveller's Chest, speak with companions, or speak with Withers to change your class or hire a hireling. You may also choose to Long Rest from your camp at any time.

To take a Long Rest from camp, select End the Day by clicking on either the rolled-up bedroll or campfire. Then select Go to Bed by clicking again on the bedroll or campfire to begin a Long Rest.

This will begin the Long Rest process and either send you to the camp supplies selection page or prompt you that someone in camp still wants to speak with you. From here, you can choose to take a Long Rest or a Partial Rest.

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