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hung curd sandwich | kids school lunch recipe

by Nidhi 16 Comments

Hung curd sandwich is very healthy easy to make breakfast. You can pack this Dahi sandwich in the kid’s lunch box also as the sandwich stays fresh for 4-5 hours. Just make sure that the hung curd you use for this recipe is not very sour.

Bread Pancakes | Easy vegetarian Breakfast

by Nidhi 67 Comments

Bread pancakes or bread Uttapam are a very yummy option for breakfast. It is one of my favorite breakfast recipes. These Bread Pancakes always remind me of Sundays when I was a kid. This was a very popular breakfast in our house. I am talking about the time when Doordarshan (national T.V.) used to telecast…

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Masala Grilled Toast | kids lunch box recipe

by Nidhi 19 Comments

Masala grilled toast or veg grilled Sandwich – ready in less than 10 minutes, this sandwich is perfect for the evening snack, breakfast, or for kids lunch box just like hung curd sandwich. Nowadays kids are home because of the summer holidays, and I have to come up with quick and easy kid-friendly snacks to…

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After School Snack Ideas for kids

by Nidhi 7 Comments

After school snack ideas for kids – It is always a struggle to make snacks for kids that they love and are also healthy. Though I believe sometimes not so healthy snacks should also be enjoyed at least in moderation. Here is a list of vegetarian snacks – savory, salad, and sweet dishes that my…

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Red kidney bean (Rajma) burritos | veg Rajma wrap

by Nidhi 20 Comments

Rajma Burritos or Rajma Wraps- Don’t we all love food which we can prepare quickly, has lots of vegetables and our kids cannot stop devouring them. Sounds unreal? Well, I know the feeling but still, there are some dishes which kids keep in their desired food list and we put on top of our healthy…

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Aloo ki Poori | tiffin ideas for kids

by Nidhi 13 Comments

Aloo Ki Poori – Don’t they look drool-worthy. These taste just like aloo ki kachori minus the hard work. These are perfect as tea time snack – take my word for it as I am having them right now with my tea and they are really something, for kids school lunch box – when you…

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10 High Protein Breakfast Recipes

by Nidhi 4 Comments

10 High Protein Breakfast Recipes – what to make for breakfast is always a struggle especially for kids. As we want their breakfast to be Nutritious as well as delicious. kids require a high protein diet as it helps in growth. Also if we are trying to lose weight high protein diet is beneficial for…

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Pav Bhaji | Indian Street Food

by Nidhi 2 Comments

Pav bhaji – It is definitely one of the most famous Indian Street food. Generally made spicy it is loaded with veggies and is made with a generous amount of Butter. Though it is loved throughout the year winters are the best time to enjoy this because of all the vegetablesthat can be added to…

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Kale Chane Kebab recipe | Black chickpea Kebab

by Nidhi 12 Comments

Kale Chane Kebab Recipe – it’s a yummy nutritious snack filled with the benefits of kale chane. These are really easy to make and taste incredible. I have baked these to cut down on oil and the black chickpea kebabs turned out very crispy and yummy. These make a perfect party appetizer and a high…

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Split Green moong dal Cheela | lentil Crepes

by Nidhi 3 Comments

Split Green Moong Dal Cheela or the Lentil Crepes is one of the healthiest, easiest, yummy choices for snacking, breakfast or even a light Lunch. Added in vegetables add to the nutrition factor. Green moong dal ( moong dal chilka) has extra dietary fiber hence it is easier to digest. If we are not well…

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Instant Rava Appe | suji Appam

by Nidhi 11 Comments

Instant Rava Appe/ appam / Paniyaram – This is one quick healthy snack. kids love taking this in their school lunch boxes. This Instant version is made with Rava / Suji or Semolina. Taste is quite similar to rava uttapam but it is a lot of less work as these are cooked in a batch…

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Homemade Masala Paneer | healthy Appetizer

by Nidhi 8 Comments

Masala Paneer – This makes one of the healthiest appetizer or party snack. Now, with kids Summer vacations, you have to be ready all the time with different snacks that not only keep them full but are also healthy and nutritious. I can’t think of a better snack for them than this homemade Masala Paneer…

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Besan Cheela with cheese and vegetables stuffing

by Nidhi 3 Comments

Besan Cheela with Cheese and vegetables stuffing – besan/ chickpea flour/ gram flour cheela is savorylentil pancakes. This makes a yummy nutritious breakfast or snack. It is really easy to make and hardly takes any time to cook. Sometimes when we are looking for lightyummy lunch or dinner options then also this comes handy. You…

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Chilli idli | leftover Idli recipe

by Nidhi 2 Comments

Chilli idli – Chilli Idli is one of the yummiest and healthy ( yes, I can say that about this recipe) snacks which not only serves as satisfying breakfast or yummilicioussnack but also makes a perfect kids school lunch box snack. I have used here fermented rice Idli for this recipe but you can use…

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Rice Idli Recipe | How to make rice idli batter

by Nidhi 3 Comments

Rice Idli Recipe – this is one of my most favorite recipes. Reason – simple, first you can have these for breakfast, lunch,Dinner or as a tea time snack. Second – it is healthy, nutritious, enriched with benefits of fermented foods. third – it is steamed so we consume very less oil. fourth kids love…

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moong dal cheela | lentil pancakes

by Nidhi 5 Comments

Moong Dal Cheela – yummy, healthy, nutritious lentil pancakes which are just perfect for a fulfilling breakfast or delicious tea time snack. If you want extra points you can always send these in kids school lunchbox and watch them devouring these happily. we can always make them more special by adding paneer filling. It’s a…

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