The BBC Election Debate - How to watch on TV and BBC iPlayer (2024)

Ahead of the General Election on 4 July, BBC will host two prime-time Network TV debates – the final head-to-head leaders’ debate before polling day, and a seven-party debate.

There will be additional dedicated debates in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

Here's everything we know so far about the first BBC Network TV debate.

When is the BBC Election Debate and who's taking part?

Live: Watch Friday's TV debate and get election updates here

On Friday 7 June from London Broadcasting House, Mishal Husain will host a debate between leading figures from the seven biggest political parties in Great Britain. The seven-handed debate will take place in front of an audience which reflects the broad electoral map of Great Britain. This audience will ask questions and the BBC will also ask members of the public to submit questions via the BBC website.

The seven parties taking part are the Conservative Party; the Labour Party; the Liberal Democrats; The Scottish National Party; Plaid Cymru; the Green Party; and Reform UK.

The participants are:

  1. Penny Mordaunt – Conservative Party
  2. Angela Rayner – Labour Party
  3. Daisy Cooper – Liberal Democrats
  4. Stephen Flynn - Scottish National Party
  5. Carla Denyer – Green Party
  6. Rhun ap Iorwerth – Plaid Cymru
  7. Nigel Farage – Reform UK

The debate will be broadcast from 7.30pm-9pm on Friday 7 June on BBC One and BBC News in the UK. It will also be on local radio across the country, available on BBC iPlayer and there will be full live online coverage.

How will the BBC Election Debate work?

As part of the BBC’s commitment to put voters first, the questions will be taken from the audience, and from questions sent in by the public. This is an opportunity for voters to directly question and challenge the politicians who want to form the next government.

The format will see the seven politicians take their position at podiums on stage in front of a live audience which will reflect the broad electoral map of Great Britain. The audience has been recruited by the opinion research partner Savanta.

The debate will be moderated by Mishal Husain, who will invite members of the audience to ask the politicians questions.

There won’t be opening statements nor a time limit on the answers. At the end of the debate each of the participants will be invited to give a 30-second closing statement.

The order in which they do this has been chosen by drawing lots. Party representatives witnessed the draw on a video call earlier this week.

The debate aims to reflect the issues that matter most to the public, and give voters the chance to hear from a wide range of political parties during the election campaign period. For more information on how we are approaching debates in this election please seehere.

BBC News is aiming to make this election the most accessible to date and will carry live British Sign Language and subtitles on BBC News on a range of election programming including the two leader debates and the Question Time special, as well as throughout the election night.

There will also be a head-to-head debate between Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer on the 26 June.

For more information about the BBC’s approach to debates during the election period, click here.

BBC TV Election Debates Schedule

BBC Network TV Debates

Thursday 20 June, York – Fiona Bruce will host a Question Time Leaders’ Special with the leaders of the four biggest political parties in Great Britain, broadcast from 8pm-10pm.

Wednesday 26 June, Nottingham – Sophie Raworth will host a head-to-head debate between Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer. This is set to be the last TV debate of the election campaign, as people prepare to cast their votes the following week. It will be broadcast from 9pm-10pm.


Tuesday 11 June - Debate Night – Election 2024 Leaders’ Special will broadcast on BBC One Scotland at 8pm. Hosted by Stephen Jardine in front of a live audience, the hour-long programme will feature the leaders of five Scottish parties – SNP, Scottish Conservatives, Scottish Labour, Scottish Liberal Democrats and Scottish Greens.


Friday 21 June -Join Bethan Rhys Roberts for the Wales Leaders’ Debate live from Central Square, BBC Wales’s broadcast hub in Cardiff at 7pm. A digital live page will run during the leaders’ debate offering analysis and reaction. It will be simulcast on BBC Radio Wales.

There will also be two special Hawl i Holi debate programmes for BBC Radio Cymru from Ystradgynlais and Wrexham.

Northern Ireland

Thursday 27 June -Tara Mills will bring key developments into focus as the election campaign nears its end with the Northern Ireland Leaders’ Debate on BBC One Northern Ireland and BBC iPlayer.

The BBC Election Debate - How to watch on TV and BBC iPlayer (2024)
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