Transform into companions and NPCs - Ring of Metamorph (2024)

You can transform any characters into companions and NPC's. Updated to the release version of the game. Come spread the love to Down by the River Discord community!

Transform into companions and NPCs - Ring of Metamorph (1)

This mod gives you a Ring of Metamorph, which will give you transformation skills for many, many NPC characters and companions. Now lasts over the long rest!

The rings are sold at several merchants in all the acts. I have removed the option to have them on a new character just to avoid any issues with other mods.

Every other mod that alters companions' visuals, should be compatible with this one! This mod only refers to the character visual templates.

Known issues:

  • NPC characters will not be undressed
  • Some scenes have issues with models being too far away (for example, Wyll's scene with 2 female characters) or having weird angles. The best results come using a same body type transformation - like in Wyll's scene, use the masculine medium bodytype for Wyll.
  • Some Act 1 characters will not work anymore in later acts - for example, Ethel's human form, Kagha and Nere. I assume this is because the game doesn't load in these characters after act 1, so there's no information to show anymore
  • Some scenes have issues with character models "mixing together" - for example, Astarion's scene will have miscolored Astarion at the start and the morning after, but during the actual romance the correct model will display. Mizora's scene doesn't replace Mizora, but will colorize her. Shadowheart's romance scene will have the character's hair white as the first part, but it will similarly correct itself later.
  • Some animations aren't available for all body types - for example, the dancer in Sharess' Caress only works with the feminine medium bodytype, and Haarleep's intimacy animations don't work with any of the transformations that I tested (masc medium body and masc strong body).
  • Dammon will have duplicate rings - I probably could fix it, but at the same time, it might be useful for someone.
  • Similar transformations seem sometimes to group up - they should work fine, but it might throw off the normal order of the transformations (alphabetical from top to bottom)
  • Probably not an issue for some people - transforming an overworld NPC to a companion makes them naked.
  • New 2.0.2 addition: Using "Invisible" makes the character naked/freezer them/doesn't do anything - use the "Cancel Metamorph" skill on them and try again. It's really fickle skill to work.

InstallationDrop the RingOfMetamorph.pak under your C:\Users\(*User*)\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods and install it with BG3 Modmanager. I can't give promises it working for any other mod manager and I won't be allowing this mod for Vortex directly.

It shouldn't matter where you put this mod in the load order.

Needs ModFixer to work correctly. I have removed it from the 2.0.1 version of the mod.

Cancel all your transformations before uninstalling the mod and save! If you don't do this, the game might crash on load. Overall it's good practise to keep the transformations only temporary, and remove them for any new saves. Remove the mod from the active mod list and save the load order. Remove the .pak file from the "Mods" folder.

Character list in the mod:

  • Astarion
  • Gale
  • Lae'zel
  • Shadowheart
  • Wyll (human version)
  • Halsin
  • Raphael, human & cambion
  • Minthara
  • Abdirak
  • Mizora, human & cambion
  • Karlach
  • Alfira
  • Aradin
  • Kagha
  • Zevlor
  • Dammon
  • Nere
  • Rugan
  • Omeluum
  • Blurg
  • Withers
  • Ethel, human & hag

Added characters for the release version:

  • Jaheira
  • Minsc
  • Dame Aylin (in the rags)
  • Isobel
  • Rolan
  • Ketheric
  • Gortash
  • Orin
  • The Emperor

Added transformation in 2.0.2:
Invisible - turns character completely invisible. This helps with virtual photography or if you just want some silliness with characters kissing blank air. Note: This transformation is a bit fickle to work. If the character turns naked or seemingly freezes or nothing happens, use "Cancel Metamorph" skill on them and try again. You have to remove the status from them to try again.

I probably won't be taking much character requests, so no promises of adding any more characters. There's a lot already. Only ones I am willing to add are Dame Aylin's armored version and Wyll's devil form, if someone knows how to do it.

You will find the ring from these traders:

You will need to take a long rest to see the rings in their inventory if you installed the mod to an existing save.

Act 1:

  • Dammon
  • Aarron the halfling at Druid grove entrance
  • Grat, the goblin camp merchant
  • Blurg in Myconid Colony

Act 2:

  • Dammon (I couldn't test this because of the Strange Ox bug but he should have it)
  • Quartermaster Talli in Last Light Inn
  • Lann Tarv, the hobgoblin trader in Moonrise towers entrance

Act 3:

  • Exxvikyap, the dragonborn trader for the blacksmith in Rivington
  • Dammon in the Lower city
  • The Honest Vendor in the Lower city
  • Omotola at Glitter Garden in Lower city

Ring's UUID for spawning it with consoles:


Making a Custom Tav/Dark Urge to the mod

I have made a video tutorial how to make a custom character to the mod, it is in the videos tab. Follow the instructions there. It isn't perfect and there is a lot that I still don't know if I have a good process/all the correct information about it. I might keep updating it as my skills improve and also probably make a written guide.

I can't help with modded character visuals. You will always need the same information for the modded assets, but it would require you to gain the information from the mod(s) itself. Also I can't speak for other modders if they would be okay with unpacking the mods and reading the code.

If you are using mods like Unique Tav Custom appearance where you edit the character visuals, use those UUID's and files to make the Tav appearance, and the template UUID's to create the transformation.

Also, so far I am not sure how to get piercings in the mod. I have tried myself and I haven't been successful with that yet.

Note!Since 2.0.4 version, the video incorrectly says the _merged.lsf.lsx file being in the mod. I have removed it from version 2.0.4. Download the _merged.lsf.lsx file from the Miscellaneous files, and copy it to the location shown in the video. Addirionally, once you are done, it's recommended that you copy the whole node entry you edited into a new file with the proper node structure and rename this file for example, yourTavsname.lsf.lsx , the bolded part being your Tav's name or whatever you want to identify the file with.


My heartfelt thanks to:

- labotor for creating the groundworks and testing the mod for me during the early access
- Antemaxx for creating great templates with Sample Equipment mod so making the mod was so much easier to do
- Lostsoul for solving the issues with the early access version
- Trips for helping me to solve the issue with transformations not lasting over long rests
- Padme4000 for playtesting the mod for the release version
- Padme4000 and Psychotter for figuring out the issue with the Patch 6 kisses
- Indoc for figuring out the Raphael Cambion transformation lasting over all acts
You all are amazing and I wouldn't have done this mod without your help <3

I have used Otis_Inf's camera mod for some of the screenshots in this page.

Transform into companions and NPCs - Ring of Metamorph (2024)
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